Josh Hutcherson @ GMA!

Yesterday we got up bright and early and headed to the Good Morning America studio in Times Square to see Josh Hutcherson and watch the premiere of The Hunger Games trailer up on their jumbotron. It was totally worth it, too! Josh showed up early enough to take plenty of time for pictures and autographs with the group of fans who were waiting for him, and I was the first one to get a picture! (You can see video here!) He was a bit shorter in person than I imagined, but he was very cute and sweet which was really nice. I hope he stays that way once The Hunger Games blows up, because he seems to be a really genuine person and I think that he will make a LOT of fans happy come press and promo time next year. Lionsgate people were there and they also gave us Katniss posters & Mockingjay pins!

After we met Josh while he was arriving we headed into the Times Square pedestrian plaza under the jumbotron that they had set up for the trailer reveal and waited. Once they brought Josh out they put the flaming Mockingjay symbol up on the screen and we all went nuts! Somewhere there is video of us freaking out over every second of the trailer – squealing over Katniss & Gale in the woods, sobbing over Katniss volunteering for Prim, dying for Effie, the Capitol, THE ARENA. RUE. CINNA. It was completely overwhelming and I have seen the trailer so many times in the past 24 hours and I still get just as excited and overwhelmed. March CANNOT come fast enough! If you live under some sort of heavy rock and have not seen The Hunger Games trailer, click here immediately.

Below I’ve included some more pictures of Josh with fans as well as video. I was also lucky enough to score an extra Mockingjay pin which I will be giving away very soon!

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


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