Dear Taylor Lautner: I just think that we get on.

Alright, I know what you’re probably thinking. “This bitch is obsessed!” And you know what? You are 125% correct. I am completely obsessed, although I prefer the word infatuated. It sounds more romantic, right? I think if Taylor & I’s story is ever turned into a romantic comedy the title will be Infatuated. Although there is probably a Lifetime movie with that title, so maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead…

ANYWAY! I didn’t expect Taylor Lautner to come back so soon and hit the talk show circuit but it looks like I was wrong, and thankfully so. Taylor was back in town for a very short period of time to hit up the Today Show and Regis & Kelly to help promote Breaking Dawn which is in theaters this Friday (11/18!), and I made sure to plant my butt in line at the Today Show bright and early for a chance to see him again. It’s a rare occasion that I go out so frequently for the same celebrity – usually I meet them once and I am pleased as punch about it. But Taylor is my favorite. What my friends and I like to call “#1” – Taylor is my #1. And I have to tell you that he is also hands down, no questions asked, the nicest human being on the face of this planet. I like to tell my friends that he is an enabler, because every time I meet him and he remembers me he always seems so excited to see me. I am sure I’m not the only one who gets this, but I’m sure it’s also very hard for someone like Taylor who meets hundreds (if not thousands) of fans during a single press tour to remember one single, solitary fan so often.I’m aware of how fortunate I am and will be eternally grateful to Taylor for being so kind to me!

When Taylor saw me at the Today Show he said hello, asked me how I was, and told me how great it was to see me again. I’m noticing that each time I see him I say a little bit more… like I’m very, very slowly warming up to him. This time I was able to say more than just “Hi, can I have a picture with you?”, and instead was able to say hi, ask for a picture, and ask him to sign my picture from last time (see below). He asked me for my name for the first time (!!!) and I told him, and then he signed the following:


IS THAT NOT THE GREATEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN?! While he signed it not only did I gasp in awe, but so did all three of my friends who were standing next to me. I actually saw them all collectively gasp from the corner of my eye. It was the most magical moment I think I’ve ever had. Not to bring any of his ex’s into this, but I’m pretty sure that moment was exactly what Taylor Swift feels every time she makes eye contact with a boy. She gets to go write epic songs about it, and I get to make epic blogs.

On June’s blog she wrote the following:

I have no idea what we were chatting about, but I do have to point out that this was shortly after he declared his love for Lauren. You heard it here first. Taylor and Lauren are in love. Sort of. Enough for music to swell every time I see them interacting.

See, so it’s not just me. This is not just me being delusional. And in honor of music swelling, I’ve put together a small playlist of songs that in fact do swell every time I get to interact with Taylor. (Well, in my mind, at least.)

You can see my previous encounters with Taylor Lautner here. He’s the best. Period. End of story. Fin!

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