My day on the Pan Am set!

Thursday morning was spent by my friends and I at the Pan Am set on the Upper East Side. I have to say, never have I been on a set that was so accommodating! We arrived a little early and they were still setting up where they would film as well as the cast trailers, and while we waited the crew was kind enough to share what time the cast would be arriving so we knew what we had in store for us. Karine was the first to arrive and was incredibly sweet, and even though we spoke with her briefly before she went into hair and make-up we waited until she was in her Pan Am uniform to take pictures with her. While we were waiting for her to come out of hair and make-up as well as change, Mike Vogel arrived! Since we had seen his wardrobe get delivered and knew he wouldn’t be in his Captain’s jacket we approached him while he waited for a PA to come and open his trailer. Mike was just as nice as I’d hoped he would be, and it was fun chatting with him and getting the change to tell him how I’ve been a fan of his since Grind. When I brought up Grind he called me “an O.G.” which was super cute.

While Mike was off on set prepping to shoot scenes Karine came out of her trailer in her Pan Am uniform looking beautiful as ever, and she had her adorable little dog with her as well! I almost couldn’t believe how sweet she was, especially since she was a little behind on her schedule. She took quite a few minutes to chat with Brian as well as take pictures with all of us. It was so exciting to see her in person in her Pan Am uniform, especially since it’s such a rarity for the girls to be on the street in them! Honestly we couldn’t have picked a better day to visit the set and take the time to meet our new favorite cast.

You should read both Brian’s and June’s blogs about our set visit as they include some spoilers shared by Mike Vogel himself, and their pictures with the cast as well! Who is ready for tonight’s episode of Pan Am?!

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


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