Throwback Thursday: Alex Meraz!

As I mentioned in last weeks Throwback Thursday with Peter Facinelli this month would be Twilight-themed, and I promised a Cullen (last week), a wolf (this week!), a Volturi, and a human. June & I met Alex Meraz in Atlantic City in 2009 when he, Chaske Spencer, and Edi Gathegi hosted a Halloween party at Harrah’s Pool. That year we went as Merlotte’s waitresses, as you can see! Alex went out of his way all night to take pictures with fans both in and outside of the cabana he and the rest of the cast were in. This was back in the beginning of my going to event days and meeting different celebrities, so I have to admit that when I met Alex I was in awe. Not only am I an avid wolf pack fan, but Alex is hot, and seeing how nice he was to everyone and accommodating to fans was really refreshing.

Stay tuned for next week!

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Alex Meraz!

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