No one’s ever gonna love me the way One Direction loves whoever this song is about.

Alright. Let me preface this. I have been trying to resist the One Direction thing for quite some time. It started with my friend Ilana during Hurricane Irene… she played the “What Makes You Beautiful” video every hour, on the hour, like clockwork while we spent 48 hours trapped in my apartment. By the time she left I was obsessed with the song but trying hard to ignore it. And then my roommate Carly caught it from Ilana, and next thing I know Ilana didn’t need to be present for Carly to be playing YouTube videos and showing me pictures and playing new songs… And then one day, one Sunday morning I will never forget, I woke up and did my own YouTube searches. For absolutely no reason. It just happened, like fate or something, and I was sitting there watching all of their solo auditions and their performances and how X-Factor grouped them up and next thing you know BAM! I’m running downstairs to talk to Carly about it with tears streaming down my face because I was legit so proud and meanwhile I had watched their like year of success in approximately 20 minutes. Then I took a breath, shrugged it off, and tried to fight it again.

Now it’s not just Ilana and Carly. Now it’s also Brian, and June, and suddenly we were all singing “What Makes You Beautiful” at the top of our lungs at Brian’s Halloween party, and there are pictures of Zayn on our fridge, and I’m helping Carly find Bop in three different drug stores (CVS, Walgreens, & Duane Reade)….

I put up a really good fight. Usually I’m pretty easy to convert, but this one has been tough. And I fought tooth and nail up until about 30 minutes ago when Daniella tweeted the link to the their new video for “Gotta Be You” and I quite literally screamed at my computer when it told me it wasn’t available in my country. There was no going back from that.

I ACCEPT YOU, ONE DIRECTION. You have sunk your cute, British, tween nails into my heart and I can’t fight you off any more. Dreamy sigh!


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