Halloween 2011!

(L-R: Brian, Kathleen, Me, & Ilana!)

Halloween was last weekend and unless you are really boring or live under a rock or in one of those countries that bans the holiday because they think it’s evil, you probably got dressed up & maybe even partied a little bit! Brian holds an annual Halloween costume party (this year was his 4th!) and it was my second year attending. This year Brian went as Justin Bieber (pre-haircut & Selena Gomez), Kathleen was a flapper, I was Bella from Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (courtesy of a satin decor pillow in my pants…), and I have no idea what Ilana was. Thankfully Brian throws the best house parties and we had so much fun! Some other costumes in the house were Blaine from Glee, Little Red Riding Hood, and a Taco!

Who did YOU dress up as for Halloween?


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