Throwback Thursday: Peter Facinelli!

(from L-R: Ilana, me, PFach, Kathleen, & June!)

In the spirit of Twilight and Breaking Dawn, Part 1 being released this month, I’ve dubbed this month ‘Twilight Month’ for Throwback Thursdays. You might remember the first and last time Throwback Thursdays had a theme: ABDUCTION!

I have pictures with a pretty large portion of the cast, though not all of them, and so I will be able to provide a picture with a Cullen (see above!), a wolf, a human, and a Volturi before the months end. However I am saving the big names (ahem, trio!) pictures for the final installment next year – so let’s hope I’m still blogging by then.

The first time my friends and I met Peter Facinelli in 2009 was at a fundraiser event for Alex’s Lemonade. As you know Peter Facinelli is a huge supporter for Alex’s Lemonade and over the years he has done a dozen or so different events with them in order to help raise money and bring awareness. I can’t remember where this particular one was, honestly, but it was at small mall in “upstate” nowhere that was like at least a good two hour drive if not longer. The line was insane and we got nervous that we might not make the cut because the event was supposed to end at 5PM and we were all the way in the back, but Peter kept going an extra hour or so making sure he got in everyone. Not only was he doing pictures with fans, but he was also taking a few minutes to chat with everyone and even personalizing his autographs (June’s Can’t Hardly Wait DVD reads: “Someone in there called me a fag!” and mine reads: “Mike Dexter is a God!”). When we asked him for a ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ themed picture he was excited about it but also told us that he could hardly do the move when he was filming! Also you may notice the censor bar… let’s just say his pants sagged a little low and his shirt went up a little high and… well… there was a very large portion of PFach’s V aka the Valley to his Babymaker. He was a little concerned but I promised him that when I posted it I would censor it and he seemed pleased with this idea. (I didn’t forget, Peter!)

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Peter Facinelli!

  1. Um, that was the Galleria at Crystal Run. Before the economic downturn it was one of my favorite malls. Now, its only half full. I can’t believe you don’t remember which malls you’ve been to. I remember all my mall experiences. God, I love shopping.

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