Rob, Kristen, & Taylor get handprints at the Chinese Theater!

So the three big Twilight stars got their signatures, hand prints and foot prints in cement today at Hollywood’s legendary Chinese Theater. People flew from all over the place, as they usually do for a Twilight related event, and got to watch their favorite vampire, werewolf, and human (well… until November 18th) go through the process which actually looked like a lot of fun. My favorite picture is from when Kristen took both of the guys hands after they pressed them in cement, though it would have been an even better moment if their hands had gotten stuck together.

There’s a whole lot of Breaking Dawn promotion going on, which is really exciting, but I’m sort of annoyed that everyone is treating this like it’s the last one. It’s not. We still have to go through this again exactly one year from now! This is the beginning of the end, sadly, but not the end just yet. And admittedly I finally bought my midnight tickets this week… TWO WEEKS!


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