“The Submission” Closing Night!

Alright, I’m gonna admit this outright: I did not see The Submission during it’s short run in New York City. I’m sorry, theater lovers, feel free to throw extra dramatic shade my way. However I do enjoy Jonathan Groff, and Rutina Wesley, and even Eddie Kaye Thomas, so when Brian called and told me that it was closing night and I had a now or never chance to meet the cast – I chose now. I was very excited to meet Jonathan because, frankly, most of my friends had met him at this point and had all told me how enjoyable he was in person. They were not wrong! Jonathan was the first to come out after the show and he was incredibly sweet taking the time to not only sign autographs and take pictures but chat with each individual fan that had waited for him. I found that pretty endearing because there was a pretty decent sized crowd awaiting him when he came outside, and even some of the nicest celebrities are very cut and dry about greeting fans, taking a picture, and moving onto the next to cut time. I approve, JGroff.

Eddie Kaye Thomas snuck out after him and though I caught a glimpse of him it wasn’t enough time to stop him for a picture, but I did manage to meet Rutina Wesley as well who was nice but definitely seemed tired and ready to go home. She is much tinier in person than I imagined her to be! I guess because I’m so used to seeing her on True Blood… which, who knows if we will again… ahem. No spoilers for those who may need to catch up!

Huge thank you Brian for not only taking my pictures (my battery was dead, huge fangirl no-no!) and taking the time to send me the pictures afterward. You’ll never get those two minutes back and for that I am eternally grateful. (Or something.)

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