NYCC: Attack the Block!

The one and only panel I attended out of the three I actually wanted to attend during NYCC last weekend was the Attack the Block panel – and it was everything I hoped for and more!

If you haven’t seen Attack the Block, have no fear! The DVD hits stores next Tuesday (10/25!) and comes highly recommended by yours truly. I had the opportunity to see Attack the Block before it’s very limited release here in the United States thanks to Collider and it was incredible, for lack of a better or more-fitting word. It’s a brand new kind of alien invasion movie, which was discussed during the panel as Joe Cornish described why he choose such a unique alien and how he thinks the same aliens have been getting all the alien work in Hollywood for the past ten or so years. So true. And it’s all the right amounts of suspenseful without being completely terrifying, which is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoyed it. I don’t really do scary movies – I’m the girl that has to sleep with a light on at night. Seriously. So it’s safe to say I was a little hesitant going into the film not knowing what sort of terror would hit me mid-screening, but it didn’t at all. You jump, and you gasp, and you even cover your eyes a bit when gore takes a new turn with a vague decapitation, but you aren’t going home and shitting yourself thinking your life is going to end the exact same way when you get home later. It is without a doubt another cult classic for our generation, which isn’t even remotely surprising considering Edgar Wright was attached the project too and his middle name might as well be Cult Classic.

Sadly this movie did not bring in the audience it should have. I don’t know if it was the marketing or what have you, but it was sorely missed out on in the very limited box office release it was allowed. During the Q&A it was mentioned that films like Edgar’s ‘Scott Pilgrim’ had found their footing after it’s wide release by doing screenings with cast appearances and Q&A’s all over the country for the DVD release and if they were thinking of doing the same with this – fingers crossed – and Joe said it wasn’t something they had ruled out yet but also not something they had planned either. We also found out that there are rumblings of a potential sequel because ideas have been planted in Joe’s brain for one and he said he can’t stop thinking about it now. When asked if they would bring the furry, glowing teeth monster aliens to America he said it was possible, but then John Boyega (resident ATB hottie & also new love of my life) chimed in that America is ALWAYS getting all the alien action in movies and London had definitely been due to kick some extra-terrestrial ass. He has a point.

For my first and only panel it was a pretty exciting ordeal and when it was over they handed out these beautiful posters which we were able to have signed before leaving. I included some pictures of director Joe Cornish and actors John Boyega and Luke Treadaway signing for everyone. Here’s to hoping for those screenings because I will be at every single one in NYC!

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


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