‘Like Crazy’ Premieres in NYC!

One film I am very much so anticipating this month is Drake Doremus’ ‘Like Crazy’. Aside from the incredible cast, the idea of a film made by almost entirely disregarding the script and going off of improv is intriguing. I love creativity and I love when actors are able to show off their own creativity and talent by improv, and people usually attribute improv to comedy so this will hopefully be an eye opener to film fanatics all over. ‘Like Crazy’ premiered in NYC last week at the Landmark Sunshine Theater down on Houston and I was able to meet one of the films young stars Anton Yelchin. The first movie I remember seeing Anton in was ‘Alpha Dog’, but I’ve seen handfuls of his other work such as ‘New York, I Love You’, ‘Star Trek’, and ‘The Beaver’ which co-stars another ‘Like Crazy’ actress Jennifer Lawrence. (KATNISS.) Felicity Jones was also in attendance but I didn’t get the chance to meet her. Unfortunately she wasn’t really interested in greeting the fans who were waiting and neither was her publicist. Oh well, maybe next time!

Anton was really sweet and took pictures with everyone who had been waiting before he headed in to screen the film. Other attendees were director Drake Doremus, Olivia Thirlby, Brad Goreski, and Karine Vanasse. ‘Like Crazy’ premieres in LA tomorrow night and is in theaters this Friday, October 18th!

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