The Secret Circle: Are you obsessed or are you OBSESSED?!

New favorite show this season? The Secret Circle. I think the CW has really stepped up their game this season with their prime time dramas because not only is TSC amazing, but Gossip Girl is finally back to being interesting, The Vampire Diaries is on a whole new level of heart wrenching drama, and Ringer (another newbie) has done nothing but get progressively better and better each week. It baffles me that some of these shows are not getting the viewers they deserve, but I think each of them have a strong enough fan base to keep them clamped down in place for now.

WARNING: The Secret Circle spoiler alerts ahead. If you haven’t started watching yet, or have missed the past two episodes, STOP READING.

For my fellow TSC fans: I would like to rant about Nick’s death. Okay aside from stating the obvious that Louis Hunter is a total babe and I, unlike most TSC fans, preferred him over Thomas Dekker, the more his storyline with Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Melissa unfolded the more I got attached to his character. He was the troubled bad boy who was starting to fall into place. Not only did he start to openly admit to his feelings for Melissa, but he was becoming an even better friend to the rest of the circle, and I thought they were setting him up to be more of a regular character instead of killing him off. It’s like they wanted us to be attached so that his death would impact us the way it did, except not only am I still depressed about it but I keep thinking he’ll come back. It seemed so harsh, and way too soon, no? Am I alone in this?

However last nights episode made it a little bittersweet for me because I do like his replacement Chris Zylka, who plays Nick’s older brother Jake. He’s hot. Hotter than Nick was, and definitely hotter than Thomas Dekker, and he has an even worse bad boy reputation than Nick did. He also may or may not be trying to kill Britt Robertson’s Cassie and the rest of the circle, and that is drama. Though I don’t like how in only one episode they are steering him into the direction of a relationship with Cassie. Cassie & Adam = FOREVER. Thanks. (PS Bye Diana. BYE.)


2 thoughts on “The Secret Circle: Are you obsessed or are you OBSESSED?!

  1. Totally agreed about Nick. I was just starting to fall for him, so I was and am really upset they killed him. I, too, expected him to come back. If Natasha Henstridge can bring back that class president chick back, why can’t they bring Nick back?!

    I do like his replacement/brother and the story they’re putting together for him. I feel bad for Diana though. I know Cassie & Adam are “destined” for each other, but I am just not feeling Thomas Dekker. I’m interested in seeing where the Cassie & Jake story goes, not only because of the witch hunter drama, but because it’s going to piss Faye off and she’s so fun when she’s a bitch.

    • OH MY GOD. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE NOT FEELING THOMAS DEKKER EITHER. Everyone is all “Swoooooon Thomas Dekker!” and I’m like, no. He is too pretty. He is so pretty that his eyelashes make him look like he is wearing eyeliner CONSTANTLY. I can’t stand it. Though I am all Team Cassie & Adam, if only because that suspenseful will-they or won’t-they tension is like a magnet to my attention span. It will be fun to see where the Jake and Cassie thing goes but if he tries to kill her I think Cassie will be like GIRL, BYE. Though I think it’s fairly obvious he’s around to stay… especially since the circle needs to be a complete six. UGH I LOVE THIS SHOW.

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