Throwback Thursday: Joe Jonas!

I met Joe Jonas for the first time a little over a year ago in the summer of 2010 thanks to my (now) roommate Carly. The only time I’ve ever seen the Jonas Brothers in concert was back when they opened up for the Backstreet Boys in 2004 or 2005 or something, and I remember distinctly getting up to leave with my friend Tivoli because we preferred to buy drinks and snacks rather than stay for their performance. It was mostly because we didn’t know or care who they were, but it was also because there were throngs of 12 year old girls around us who completely lost their minds and if you know me or anything about me – I hate babysitting. I also hate unsupervised children and minors. ANYWAY! On our way back to our seats we actually passed the three of them in one of the hallways under the bleacher seats – why they were walking through there I will never know, but whatever – and I remember all three of them said hi to us and asked what was up like they were trying to strike up conversation and Tiv and I glanced at each other awkwardly and went back to our seats. Let’s add this moment to my Top 5 Biggest Regrets in life, okay?

Fast forward to right now: I have 3 Jonas Brothers albums on my iPod, not including the Camp Rock 2 soundtrack. I’ve still never seen them in concert but I have seen Joe in concert twice now (if Fashion’s Night Out counts…) and if they ever tour together again I would definitely try to go. Joe is the only one of the three that I’ve met and he was so nice. I have heard a lot of great things about the three of them from my roommate and her friends but it was nice to find out for myself how genuine they are. I’ve never camped out for them or traveled the world for them but I know people who have and they have the best experiences because the Jonas family knows how to take care of their fans at all times. I absolutely LOVE Joe’s new album Fast Life though, it’s been on repeat since I downloaded it, and I highly recommend it. If you liked Britney’s last album, you will like Fast Life. Trust! (Fave songs: Fast Life & Make You Mine! Yours?)

ANYWAY. It’s been a little slow ’round these parts but that happens every now and again as sometimes there is just nothing going on, nothing to blog about, and I am too busy with work or my social life or what have you. However I am still very much here and still very much going to be blogging for some time, so always be sure to stay tuned.

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