Things I Want: The Fall Scarves Edition!

While my site is focused all of my “celebrity encounters” and the like, it is still my own personal blog and I have to remember to use it as such! While looking over B& Lu’s latest Fall fashions on their Facebook page I was inspired to share some of my favorites with you. While I may not be the most fashionable person in the world, if there is one thing I love about cold weather it’s the accessories – boots, scarves, hats, etc!

I promised myself I would start to steer clear of wearing too much black this season but so far no dice. It’s thinning, and it matches almost everything, and this black & white cat scarf from B&Lu is only $12 and adorable.

And yet another cute black and white scarf, this one with horses! I also love the length and the fringes on the end. I like my scarves like I like my necklaces – long! This B&Lu scarf is only $16.

Last but certainly not least, this is the scarf that inspired this post. It’s a little pricier at $28 (2 for $50!) but I am diehard in LOVE. This B&Lu leaf scarf is handmade and has all the perfect fall colors in it. Obsessed. (And plan on ordering next week!)

There is also these cell phone scarves – here, here, & here– they have a hidden pocket for your cell phone. Seriously!

B&Lu is a super cute store with plus-size fashions as well as some gorgeous one-of-a-kind accessories and as they continue to update their Facebook (you can also order things from their Facebook if you don’t see them on the site! BONUS POINTS!) with new items I am sitting here drooling. You should definitely check them out!


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