Should I be looking for Ashley Greene on my train?

So, according to these super creepy mobile phone pictures on Lainey Gossip (who is always sassy, resourceful, and almost never wrong), Ashley Greene has been “hanging out” with Reeve Carney. Don’t know who that is? He is the dude that plays Spiderman in “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway. I couldn’t care less about either of them, quite frankly, but the pictures (there are more on Lainey’s site) were taken on what looks to be the N/Q line. That is MY line!

I say this because the train is new and so few lines have new trains, the most popular of them being the N/Q which runs from Brooklyn, through Manhattan, to Queens… anyway, whatever, I’ve convinced myself this is my train and that I now have to be on the lookout for Ashley Greene sightings while I’m rampaging around the city. This isn’t quite as cool or exciting as when Jake Gyllenhaal kept getting spotted on the Q from Park Slope, but still. I’ll take it.

PS: Do these pictures look a little pre-planned to anyone else, or is that just me?


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