Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” is released for Breaking Dawn!

The best part about the Twilight movies third only to Taylor Lautner’s abs and Anna Kendrick’s improv skills has been the soundtracks. I own all three of them and currently have full intentions on owning the next two as soon as they are released. What I like best about the soundtracks is that they usually throw in a random monkey wrench in the form of an artist you don’t necessarily expect. For New Moon it was Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Solar Midnite’ which was used completely out of context but still remains one of my top favorite songs off of the saga’s soundtracks. For Eclipse it was Cee-Lo Green’s ‘What Part of Forever’ which is yet another one of my top favorites. To me, these tracks stick out amongst the Paramore’s, the Metric’s, and the Muse’s. Though I love all three of those bands and their contributing songs as well!

When it was announced last week that Bruno Mars would be the first single released off of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’s official soundtrack I was as taken aback as everyone else, but I was also excited. I may not be a big fan of Bruno Mars as a person (I’ve seen him be not-so-nice to some fans at an event), but I am a huge fan of his music because he is undoubtedly one of the most talented songwriters and singers the music industry has seen in quite some time. I noticed a lot of tweeting and RT’ing about Bruno’s appearance on the soundtrack, especially as the first official song being released from the film, and it was somewhat fifty-fifty. I think more fans were curious than upset, but there was also the tracklisting release which confirmed no Muse and no Paramore and I think musical TwiHards spontaneously combusted for a bit.

Bruno’s song ‘It Will Rain’ is really, really, really good. It’s a beautiful song, as most of his love songs are, but it also has just the right sound that I think TwiHards will enjoy as they piece themselves back together post-combustion. What will be most interesting about the song will be seeing where it fits in when the film is finally released in less than two months. Usually once the soundtrack is out all the fan sites and blogs start making hopeful assumptions about which scenes they think all the songs will be used in and why, and usually they are all wrong.

What do YOU think about ‘It Will Rain’?


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