’50/50′ Premiere!

So last night was the New York premiere of ’50/50′ which is hands down the best film I’ve seen this year, if not almost ever. My friends (Carly, Christina, Chelsea, Anne, Kathleen, & Ilana) and I got to Zeigfeld Theater EARLY – and by early I mean Carly, Christina & I were the first fans there by 3:30PM to secure ourselves a nice spot on the barricade where we could hopefully get to meet some of the cast. I was there to see my all-time favorite actress Anna Kendrick who I adored in 2007’s ‘Rocket Science’ which if you have not seen you must go rent or buy ASAP, but my friends (especially my roommate Carly!) were there to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt who ended up being a total let down by not stopping for the fans at all. Apparently he’s not very big on signing autographs and taking pictures, which is fine, lots of celebrities aren’t, but usually they fake it for at least the premiere or their movie or something which unfortunately Joe did not. Sad face.

However! Seth Rogen came over for us and was incredible not only because he is hilarious and everyone loves him, but because when he came over the autograph sellers were practically climbing on top of us and hitting us in the head with their arms, elbows, and pictures to get signatures and Seth took care of us. He was moving their pictures and arms out of the way and kept telling them he wasn’t going to sign anything if they kept hitting girls in the head (see Chelsea’s video on top!) the way they were. He stopped to take pictures with most of us! Anna Kendrick arrived shortly after Seth did and came right over to the fans without delay, and as she was doing so a cab driver that was stopped in the street letting her cross was taking her picture which is what she’s talking about when you see her walking over in Chelsea’s video. Anna was, as she always is, a total sweetheart who signed autographs and took pictures with everyone and also followed Seth’s lead in telling the autograph sellers to back off because we girls had been waiting for her & the cast all day. My picture came out slightly blurry but it doesn’t matter because it was just nice to see her again and fangirl in her face a little bit. (I think that actually creeps her out, but it’s fine.)

Speaking of fangirling in peoples faces… Angelica Huston. Oh my God. Angelica got out of the car on the fans side and when she did I might have beasted for her. I think it was something along the lines of, “OH MY GOD. YOU’RE ANGELICA HUSTON. CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU?” To which she smiled at me, turned away from us, and walked across the street to the red carpet. And you know what? It’s totally fine that Angelica Huston shunned me because she’s Angelica Huston and ‘Ever After’ is the greatest movie of all time.

We ended up getting into the screening as well and it was my third – that’s right, third – time seeing ’50/50′ and I have to say it was a total honor to be sitting in the theater for the premiere screening with director Jonathan Levine, writer Will Reiser who also introduced the film, as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, and Angelica Huston. I had an awkward encounter with Seth at the popcorn counter and accidentally bumped into Angelica Huston while passing her on my way to my seat in which I apologized approximately 25 times. Overall it was a really awesome night and I am glad that I went, JGL picture or not!

’50/50′ comes out THIS FRIDAY 9/30 and you must, must, must go see it!

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