Taylor Lautner promoted Abduction in NYC and I claimed temporary insanity.

Running a fan-site for an upcoming movie means knowing about all the upcoming promotion – especially the things in your own city. I would be lying if I didn’t say that running Abduction News I was most looking forward to the end, the release, and the potential to get to see/meet Taylor Lautner and other cast members during some appearances here in NYC. Obviously, when I heard that Taylor would be hitting the town and appearing on the Today Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Regis and Kelly, Jimmy Fallon, etc… I warned all my friends in advance to clear the calendars because it was go time. Thankfully my friends like Taylor as much as I do (well, no, I don’t think ANYONE likes Taylor as much as I do… but you get the point!), and were what they like to call “Team Make It Happen.”

TMIH started early on Wednesday morning when we arrived at the Today Show courtyard in Rockefeller Center with fingers crossed for a chance encounter with Taylor during his interview. The Today Show is tricky in the sense where they only put certain celebrities in the courtyard, especially after Summer because they start doing most of their interviews back in the studio to avoid inclement weather. I figured we had a good chance they would bring Taylor out into the courtyard based on the caliber of his celebrity and fan base alone, but just in case we made sure the Today Show staff knew who we were there for. Just when I thought we had it in the bag security came over to tell us that due to the hikers in Iran being released, that Obama was going to be making a live broadcast about it and Taylor’s segment was likely to get cut from the show. We couldn’t really argue that due to it’s importance, but we were still bummed and wondering if they would at least send Taylor out to meet his fans since we had seen him gone in (and gotten a very exciting wave!). Eventually the audience coordinator came out to tell us that Taylor was going to start with me (THAT’S RIGHT: ME!!!) and they got us ready for him to come out. Hopefully you watched the video above and already saw the final product of our morning!

But now you’re looking at those pictures and you’re noticing that they are just that: pictures. Plural. There are three of them. Well, that’s where the temporary insanity comes into play… I met Taylor at the Today Show and was like, well, he’s doing Letterman later, right? Can’t hurt to go say hi… and it didn’t! And you want to know the BEST part about meeting Taylor at Letterman? The first thing he said to me was, “Good to see you again!” It was like he saw my big, red, crazy button and decided to push it for fun. I thought my friends (Brian, Carly, and Christina) with me were going to die and they thought the exact same thing about me. He was really sweet and he took pictures with Brian and I again and then Carly and Christina got pictures with him too (after an altercation with some autograph sellers that Taylor’s security got involved in… protecting my friends and I…), and that’s where the middle picture came from. The next morning my friend June wanted to go to Regis & Kelly to meet Taylor because she had missed him at the Today Show and wasn’t able to go to Letterman, so naturally… I joined her. Regis & Kelly was so unbelievably calm which was surprising because it’s usually a shit show – especially for someone like Taylor Lautner. There were maybe 10 or 15 people there including autograph sellers and paparazzi, and when Taylor came out there were no barricades or anything. He took a picture with my friend June and signed her Abduction t-shirt, and then he took pictures and signed autographs for everyone else, and I waited to be last to ask for another picture because I knew that I already had one and didn’t want to prevent anyone else from getting one if they had missed him the day before. Taylor remembered me again, and he was really nice as was his security. I have nicknames for them, by the way. The bald one is Daddy Warbucks. The first time I met Taylor (see: HERE) he was really, really scary. He was pretty cool this time around though, so I think I picked the right nickname for him after all. I don’t have a nickname for the other one, but I kept calling him the tall, dark, and handsome one. He actually looks like he could be related to Taylor…

Overall I had a fun couple of experiences with Taylor, and as one of his biggest fans I don’t think it could have gone any better than it did. I also had tickets to see him at 106th & Park which was fun, but I skipped Jimmy Fallon, his second appearance on the Today Show Friday morning, and his appearance on MTV’s 10 on Top. I really want to thank Taylor (as if he’ll EVER see this) and his security for being so awesome. I can promise you other fans this: you will never – and I do mean NEVER – meet another celebrity who is as grateful for, and appreciative of, and excited to meet his fans as Taylor Lautner. I thought that the first time I met him in 2010, and I think it’s actually inflated tenfold as opposed to dying down which speaks highly of Taylor’s character.

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5 thoughts on “Taylor Lautner promoted Abduction in NYC and I claimed temporary insanity.

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  2. Thanks for posting this since I forgot to TIVO! I was able to show my non-believing friends that I didn’t photoshop my picture with Taylor! :0)

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