I saw ‘ABDUCTION’ on Thursday night!

A few weeks ago Lionsgate announced that they would be doing VIP Abduction Fan Screenings in 20 cities across the US – living in New York City we are usually fortunate when it comes to these things and sure enough, we were one of the 20 cities picked! Ticket packages went on sale the Monday (9/12) before the screening but thanks to a little web-site/blog I started last year when ‘Abduction’ started filming (ahem, Abduction News, ahem!) I was given passes for me +3 to attend the screening for free. Considering I was planning on buying myself tickets anyway, I definitely did not pass this chance up! I invited June and Brian to join me, and June invited Brianna, and off we were!

The experience was SO much fun! Not only were we seeing the movie early, but when we checked in and got our passes they gave us those awesome red ‘Abduction’ t-shirts you see June & Brianna holding in the picture above. Not only is red my favorite color but Taylor Lautner himself is on the shirt and hello? Who doesn’t want to wear Taylor Lautner on their chest? (Oh… is that just me? My bad…) ANYWAY!  When we got up to the theater they had rolled out their red carpet for us to take pictures with the giant cardboard ‘Abduction’ poster that I love so much, and when we got inside they were showing some b-roll/behind the scenes footage from some of the stunts – including the one I was present for at PNC Park when Taylor slides down the plexi-glass awning. After that they started streaming live from the ‘Abduction’ black carpet in Los Angeles because our screening was the same night as the Los Angeles premiere and not only did we get to watch it LIVE, but we got to watch it on a giant movie theater screen! This was definitely a new experience for me and trust me when I tell you that if I could watch every red carpet live stream on a red carpet, I would. Seriously. I would even pay for tickets! We got to watch arrivals and the two hosts were interviewing all of the stars and then some. Watching all of this come together after paying such close attention to the film for over a year was amazing. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Aside from the web-site I have been running and will continue to run for as many sequels as John Singleton wants, I did get to work on the film as an extra down in Pittsburgh, and Thursday night I felt like a proud parent.

Overall the movie itself was fantastic! Taylor Lautner is a born and bred action star – there is no doubt about that what-so-ever – and it was exciting to see him really come into his own throughout the film. Lily Collins was great too, she’s as much apart of the film as Taylor is since she’s in almost every single scene with him after the first twenty minutes of the film, and I really loved how the story came together. We laughed, we cried, we cheered, and our audience was awesome and doing it along with us! After seeing the end of the film (no spoilers!) I can definitely see how it’s left open for a sequel (or two, or three…) and would love if John Singleton and Lionsgate kept their word for us!

I have to say a huge, huge, huge thank you to Lionsgate and especially to Adam at Digital Media Management for EVERYTHING!

‘Abduction’ is in theaters this Friday (9/23) and you BETTER be there. NO IF’S, AND’S OR BUT’S.


2 thoughts on “I saw ‘ABDUCTION’ on Thursday night!

  1. Hi I was just wondering where did you get your picture you took with the Abduction poster? Is it posted online somewhere? Me and my friend saw Abduction at the VIP premiere thing too and took a picture together but I have no idea where to get a hold of the picture! Thanks in advance.

    • Hey! We actually took the picture with our own camera so we had it right away. The people taking pics were from Buzzbo NYC though – I would check with them on Twitter @buzzbonyc and see if they can send it to you.

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