The BEST Taylor Lautner inverview of his career.

Taylor Lautner is making press rounds to promote ‘Abduction’ which is released next Friday (but I get to see it tomorrow.. BRAGGING!) and when I heard about this super awkward interview with ‘Despierta América’ I immediately pulled it up.

Oh. My. Hilariousness.

There is nothing more awkward than watching American actors and actresses travel the world and do interviews with all sorts of different foreign languages, leaving us with lots of long pauses while translators whisper into electronic devices for them to finally understand and answer questions… Except for when that earpiece doesn’t work and they are left without a translator and can do nothing but smile, nod, and pray that someone catches on and fixes this mishap ASAP.

And not only can you not understand what’s going on… but they are asking you repeatedly about your personal relationship with your co-star.

The highlights of this interview are at the very beginning when the woman seated next to Taylor is obviously speaking to him and asking him a question, pauses for him to answer, and he just stares at her with a dumbfounded smile… and again at the end when Taylor clearly has no idea what the women are saying about him or the film as the interview is wrapping up and then they ask him to say something in Spanish… amazing.

Thank you, ‘Despierta América’! I needed this hearty laugh.


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