NYFW: Monique Lhuillier!

The Monique Lhullier show was also Saturday evening and in true NYFW fashion (pun totally intended) it was also filled with a bevy of awesome guests! Most people know Monique Lhuillier as a wedding dress designer, much like Vera Wang, so it’s nice to see her getting recognition as a designer outside of the wedding dress circuit. Joanna Garcia (top left) is a beautiful actress who I actually met for the first time a couple months back at the ‘Bad Teacher’ premiere after party. Though as an avid Yankees fan I know her best as Swisher’s wife! Rose McGowan (top right) has been around as long as I could remember and is just as stunning in person as you would imagine. I have been a fan of Jamie-Lynn Sigler‘s (bottom left) since she was on HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’ which is what she’s best known for. I was really thrilled to meet her because when I was in high school I wanted to be no one else other than Meadow Soprano – and trust me, I tried real hard. Unfortunately my father was not a mafia boss and I was just an Irish girl with some Italian in her from her moms side, so it didn’t really pan out in my favor. I almost didn’t recognize Julianne Hough (bottom right) because as of recent I’ve only seen her as a brunette in the ‘Footlose’ trailer. I told her I was really excited for the film in a moment of excitement after she posed for a photo, but I have to tell you guys that that was a bold face lie… I am not excited. I’m actually sort of insulted at the idea that they thought they could re-make such an incredible and iconic film and modernize it in anyway. I’m sorry I lied to you, Julianne!

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