9/11: Ten Years Later

The last few days I had been putting together a blog in honor of 9/11 in my head. Thinking of things I wanted to write about like where I was, how I found out, what happened after, and how it affected my family. This morning I woke up, turned on NBC, and completely lost everything I wanted to say. Though I have not forgotten what happened that day, nor will I ever, the way I am emotionally overwhelmed this morning is a bit of a surprise to me. I made a trip to the World Trade Center, home of the new 9/11 memorial that you are seeing on TV, and home to the Freedom Tower, on Friday night to pay my respects and take pictures of how far we’ve come. I gave myself those moments alone to grieve and marvel in how beautiful the Freedom Tower already is and how I found it inspiring. There is something about sitting here watching the memorial unfold, and the ache I feel every time we pause for a moment of silence and the bell as the planes hit the towers and the Pentagon. In a few minutes it will happen again for when the first Tower will collapse.

God bless all the lives that were lost on 9/11 not only here in New York but in Pennsylvania and Washington DC as well, especially the fallen heroes. If you asked me though, I think they are all heroes. Every life lost with the exception of the terrorists themselves was a life lost in honor of our country, and a life that is still being fought for to this day.


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