‘Contagion’ Premiere @ Rose Theater!

On Wednesday night Brian, June and I decided to get out of the non-stop rain and check out the ‘Contagion’ premiere at the Rose Theater in the Columbus Circle Shops. We ended up being really lucky and scoring tickets for ourselves which was exciting because we were all very interested in seeing the film regardless. Inside the theater we saw Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Regis Philbin, Michael Douglas, and, as you can see, Olivia Munn! Olivia was really sweet and stopped to chat with us in the hallway right after the film let out. She even let me snap a picture of her for Guest of a Guest’s Twitter and we talked about what she was wearing (Valentino dress, Brian Atwood shoes, Bulgari jewels!). It was really nice to meet her and I look forward to seeing her around during Fashion Week!

‘Contagion’ was a great film – very suspenseful and a little terrifying if only because it’s a 125% feasible storyline. Not once throughout the film did I think, “Well that’s ridiculous, that would never happen.” However I will tell you I did have to avert my eyes during one scene in particular – but no spoilers! I think it’s going to do really well and will also hopefully encourage people to wash their hands a little more often.

‘Contagion’ is in theaters today! Check out the trailer below:

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