Jessica Chastain sees Ginger People!

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting one of Hollywood’s new “It Girls” at the premiere of “The Debt” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel! Some of you may recognize Jessica Chastain from “The Help” – she played the hilarious and endearing Celia Foote, bane of Hilly Holbrook’s existence. When a friend didn’t know who Jessica was last night I described her as the Jennifer Lawrence of this year; what Carey Mulligan was to 2010, etc.

When we met her my friend Brian who is obsessed with “The Help” gushed over her and how perfect she was and she was so excited to talk about playing Celia and even talked in Celia’s accent telling us she wished she could talk like that all the time! Then she asked me if I was a redhead and followed it up with, “You ARE a redhead! I love you!” This was awkward because as you can see I am not a redhead… but it was totally fine! Hopefully she stays as sweet as she was last night throughout her very quick rise to success as this year comes to a close and the 2012 awards season starts.

See pictures of Jessica Chatain and Helen Mirren arriving at the premiere last night on Just Jared!

Here is the latest trailer for “The Debt” which also co-stars hottie Sam Worthington and forever flawless Dame Helen Mirren and is in theaters on August 31st:

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