Throwback Thursday: Whoopi Goldberg!

Okay I forgot about Throwback Thursday yesterday… so we’re just going to ignore the date on this blog and pretend it’s Thursday for five minutes. Thanks.

FLASHBACK: Did you miss last weeks Throwback Thursday with Joshua Jackson?

I met Whoopi Goldberg during New York Fashion Week in February 2010 just after the Calvin Klein Women’s Collection show. Whoopi was a guest of Andre Leon Talley’s who I didn’t ask for a picture because he scares me. She was very nice but sort of awkward – it was obvious that the crowd made her nervous and I don’t think all the photographers who were hounding her helped. It’s a rare occasion that Whoopi walks a red carpet or attends a star-studded event these days as she likes to keep to herself and enjoy her private life outside of ‘The View’, so it was definitely exciting to see her in person!

When I first asked her for a picture she joked and said that I didn’t want a picture with her, that she was no one special… then some jerk walked right up to her, put his camera up and snapped a picture of himself next to her before walking away quickly. It was insane! She looked so surprised – he hadn’t even ASKED! So I made a joke about how at least I had asked first and she was like, ‘You know what? You’re right.  Come here.’ And voila – the picture above is my result!

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