Bryce Dallas Howard @ Regis and Kelly!

For those of you who follow me or even my friend Brian on Twitter, you know that Bryce Dallas Howard is seated on a very high pedestal in our day to day lives. Bryce ranks up there with Oprah as far as we are concerned. In all fairness I was the last convert to the mission that is BDH – but I think now that I’ve met her there is no going back! She was extremely nice and also extremely pregnant. You can’t tell in this picture because Her Holy Flawlessness is exactly that – flawless!

Even though Bryce was promoting her upcoming film “The Help” which is released next Friday, I got the chance to tell her that I saw “50/50” a few weeks ago and it was absolutely incredible. She seemed really excited about the film as well and I hope she makes it to the Toronto International Film Festival for it’s premiere next month! Check out the trailers for both “The Help” and “50/50” below.

If you would like to share this picture on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


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